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Our research strives to find ways on the price discovery and efficient markets in real estate sector. Here we would have a close watch on the property demand and supply in the Indian market. This would be monitored through tracking the property transaction in India on real time basis.  This activity would help a buyer as well as seller to realize a practical price for the real estate they want to buy and sell .This would stop seller from making super normal profits from the sale of their properties and at the same time would give a sense of satisfaction to the buyer that deal was the right deal for him. For instance  if someone wants to buy a property in a particular  area and in particular location he would get a acceptable price figure he might consider for paying for the same.

All this would also help to phase out black money from the Indian real estate market thereby making the transactions more transparent.

This would also facilitate real estate transaction through channels such as escrow account where interest of both buyer and seller would be protected.

Agents would receive their brokerage without any delays.

Our research is purely an advisory services which would chargeable as and when any of the parties comes to us to seek our opinion.  This advise could be considered as reliable as there is no bias attached to it and  a very nominal amount would be charged for our advices which would be customized on basis of need of consumer.

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