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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q 1. Why to go for BFA for construction and real estate?

Ans. BFA has a team of experience personnel and their committed effort towards excellence is the only and all reason for you to go for BFA when it comes to construction. We at BFA provides better platform for client and company communication which is nonexistence in most of the construction companies.

Q 2. When I should contact BFA?

Ans. whenever you are looking for a house or you have a land and you want to enhance its value by making it a constant source of income you should contact BFA.

Q 3 Why I should go for construction when my lands appreciated value with time can give equal returns without any effort?
Construction makes a land into income property by creating avenues towards rental income. Not only that it helps you to realize your own strengths and create a business for yourself. Last but not the least the value of construction can be depreciated in books of accounts giving you tax benefits.

Q 4.How BFA differs from other orthodox companies and firms involved in construction?

Ans.  BFA stands alone in the quality of services it offers to its client. Its first time do it right policy ensure minimal rework and wastage of time and money of client. BFA has extremely qualified team which includes a specialist of every domain of construction.

Q5. I don’t have any time for hassles related to construction then can I still go for it?

Ans. BFA offers 360 degrees of services round the clock. It ensures no leg work for its clients.  It strives for minimum transaction s and cash handling.  We have finance specialist to handle each and every issue.

Q 6. How I can avoid tax while entering into buying or selling of real estate and going for construction?

Ans.  BFA will help you to save your tax by guiding you appropriately regarding tax issues. It will provide you sharp guidance in issues related to tax saving is concerned.

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